1 | Art Illuminated

Art Illuminated. A podcast hosted by the multitalented Dr. Esra Alhamal, an artist herself.

The podcast explores contemporary arts and crafts inspired by traditional practice.

It has reached the fourth edition and each host has something different and intriguing to offer. From Islamic geometric patterns to miniature painting, from the search of identity to floral embroidery, this podcast will take you to places of wonder and it will let you explore art from new perspectives.


2 | Bayt Al Fann

Bayt Al Fann is an online and print publication committed to raising the profile of Islamic arts, culture and heritage. It is a platform that offers a varied input into Islamic art and culture, it showcases art of contemporary artists and offers interviews of people in the global art scene.


3 | Architecture

If you are interested in architecture these are pages to follow


and for an academic approach check the International Journal of Islamic Architecture



4 | Khatt and Typography

Khatt Chronicles, in collaboration with Afikra, features remarkable designers, illustrators, and researchers from the Arab World, in engaging conversations about their practice, vision, and aspirations.

A podcast series that chronicles and introduces the latest explorations in Arab visual communication and material culture.